Writing is an integral part of your academic years, so it’s better to think of improving your skills earlier than later. Sometimes your semester results will depend on different essays and research papers as professors check the student’s knowledge of a subject in this way. That’s why you have to learn how to express thoughts better and explain difficult things with the help of simple words. With these simple essay hacks, you’ll get closer to the art of crafting texts and make a tutor forget about all these imperfect pieces you probably performed before.

The Best Essay Hacks: Improve Your Writing

Have you always been amazed by how the others compose papers? Now it’s your turn to impress people with the power of words. Use the following essay hacks every time you’ll need to come up with something meaningful and persuasive.

1. Make friends with an assignment

Before starting working on any paper type, it’s necessary to figure out you clearly understand what a professor wants from you. Once you don’t get an idea behind a topic, or have some questions connected with requirements, fix the situation immediately. You won’t be able to cope with a task unless you understand its aspects. Ask a tutor to explain some details and conduct research to come up with a paper that sticks to the point.

2. It’s better to be an early bird rather than a disappointed bird

Don’t wait for the last moment to begin fulfilling a task. Unlikely you’ll have time for revision or comprehensive subject exploration if you start writing a text the night before you have to show it to a tutor. Many students don’t use essay tips and put aside important assignments. Young people return to them when it’s too late to do something. But you don’t want to be disappointed with a bad grade, so it’s better to finish a piece earlier when you have a few days for editing and correction. You can even set tighter deadlines than you have to prepare a better paper.

3. Choose credible sources

It’s one of the most important essay life hacks for students. Even if you have outstanding writing skills, your efforts may be in vain only because you didn’t check facts. Google, find sources at Wikipedia, or read books – remember that you must find out what stands behind the information you want to include in a text.

4. The formatting style matters

The format is king sometimes, and that’s why you have to check your college requirements. Every student has to take into account this type of essay hacks, as this aspect may influence the professor’s decision to give you an excellent grade. Besides, it’s easy to be mistaken about your choice because MLA, APA, and Harvard styles aren’t the only ones in the world. Check which format is preferable in your case, before starting tailoring a paper.

5. Outline an essay

If you’re looking for the most helpful essay hacks, this one is worth attention. Prepare an outline to organize your thoughts, decide which details to include, and make a logical structure. This plan will contain a thesis statement, introduction, body section, and a conclusion. Write down which facts and arguments you’ve found during the research process, and then delete the weakest ones. You can create columns and lists for a better understanding of your ideas.

6. Prepare a structure

After you’ve crafted an outline, it’s easier to tailor your text. Traditionally, academic papers contain an introduction part, body section, and conclusion. The beginning of an essay should include a hook or some catchy phrase to engage a reader. Describe your arguments, facts, and additional details in the body text – 2-3 paragraphs are enough, but a number will depend on how many thoughts you want to develop. In the conclusion section, you’ll sum up your ideas or explain why they are significant.

7. Use transition words

It’s one of the most practical essay hacks as it helps you connect sentences and paragraphs logically. Transition words and phrases soften the situation when a writer wants to switch to the next thought or sum up the information. For example, you can include the following ones:

  • As a result;
  • In other words;
  • However;
  • Above all;
  • Moreover;
  • Therefore;
  • Meanwhile;
  • Likewise.

8. Add more action

A passive voice kills the reader’s interest. Your audience wants to see the action and not a dry fact like “this picture was drawn by Picasso.” The variant “Picasso drew this picture” is much better. This recommendation belongs to the essay hacks that make your writing more readable. Active voice is easier to understand, and it helps the audience imagine the scene faster.

9. Listen to your story

It’s the last recommendation but not less important than other essay writing hacks. Read your text aloud to hear whether it has a nice rhythm and is clear for reading. It’s also a nice exercise that helps you find too wordy sentences and see different mistakes.

Progress With the Help of Our Essay Hacks!

It’s not a complicated task to craft a paper. At least, it doesn’t have to be like that. Now, you have a powerful instrument in your hands – essay hacks that don’t give a chance to poor texts. Implement these tips, and you’ll see the progress in your education. May the writing process be an exciting journey, and not a stressful challenge.