Making his first steps in student life, yesterday’s schoolboy seems to fall into another world. And if a hostel becomes the future home for the next few years, the doors of this world are open. It soon becomes clear that visiting classes and passing tests is not the worst challenge that frightens the future student so much. A cardinal change of environment and society, another way of life, independence – getting used to, of course, is difficult, but possible. And even easier if you know in advance useful college hacks. Some of those will make life easier at times.

The most useful study hacks college can offer you

Here are study hacks and tips to start studying better:

Adhere to the rules of time management

  • When learning new information, set a timer for 30-60 minutes. When one segment passes, get up from the table and do something that is not connected with your studies: walk for five minutes, look out the window, open your mind, go for tea or coffee. Give your head a break.
  • If you are preparing for the exam, make a list of questions for yourself and use the Pomodoro study hack or technique. Try to answer each question using the shortest possible time (no more than 25 minutes). You can make a list of questions yourself or choose from a textbook or manuals: usually each chapter or topic in educational publications ends with a block of questions.
  • Answer the questions out loud. Write a short abstract outline of the answer, and then speak out loud. This technique will help to analyze, remember and fix information in memory much better than if you just read it to yourself.

Get rid of everything that distracts you

  • Use the telephone only on business. During breaks, you can see who called and call back. You can use the timer on the phone. But no texting and funny pictures.
  • Put your phone in flight mode. When the question is difficult and you need to focus without being distracted by anything else, this is the best solution in terms of study hacks.
  • Warn relatives, friends, roommates, and loved ones that you will be unavailable for hours. Most likely, they will meet you and will not distract you with your requests, questions and comments.
  • Check your mail and social networks no more than 2-3 times a day. For example, at lunch, in the afternoon and in the evening.
  • Avoid reading news and surfing the Internet daily. Leave these exciting and addictive activities until the moment when you learn everything planned.
  • Turn off the TV. Multitasking does not work. Background noise will prevent you from memorizing information, and you will also not get pleasure from watching your favorite program.

Class schedule on the phone screen saver

College study hacks useful not only for students living in the hostel. Do you always forget the schedule of classes for today, what time it starts and what kind of discipline it will be – the answers to these questions are elementary, but it can be very difficult to keep them in mind.

Record lectures on the recorder

It happens that not all lectures can be summarized, yes, and some teachers do not always share their presentations with students (although, if you politely ask them). Therefore, following these study hacks will be the easiest solution, especially if the material is difficult.

Use the office hours of teachers if you need to find out something

Most professors have office hours (1 time per week for sure) when you can come to them and ask for something else to explain or discuss any issue. You can get a bunch of valuable information

Find study-buddy, or rather a few, and best of all, smart ones

This is a good motivation, and you will have someone to discuss the issue with. With friends, on the contrary, it is dangerous to learn since all the actions can slip into the wrong way.

There are many more study hacks. Each student from their own experience comes up with more and more new ways to make their life easier. In the end, many students understand that their life was or is now a very bright and positive period. In addition, not only advice on cooking can make life easier, but the one who gives these study hacks. Therefore, the main life hack is a friend nearby, and those study hacks that are given above, of course.